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Japanese FUJI of Passenger Elevator Japanese FUJI of Passenger Elevator


Japanese FUJI of Passenger Elevator

Ceiling: Stainless steel frame in middle, white transparent board on both sides of the soft lighting design, two sides made of stainless steel(HD-DT13)
Operating panel: Integrated operating panel (HD-C12)
Car wall: Two sides made of stainless steel, the middle of the wall mirror etching stainless steel
Car door: Hairline stainless steel
Flooring: PVC (FJ-B18)
Product Description

HENG DA FUJI ELEVATOR  / Fujihd elevator company



Contact number:+86-572-3061000

Inquiry phone:+86-13587250007

Company address:NO.688, Lianxi road, Nanxun, HuZhou city, Zhejiang Province, china.

Social media address:


japanese FUJI of Passenger Elevator

Japanese FUJI of passenger elevators help passengers reach their floors quickly, comfortably, and safely.It is a new generation of intellectual vector type integral control system. It covers distance control, direct parking, closed-loop vector control technology, CANBUS communication technology, multi-CPU running technology and applies C and assembly language programming

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