As a typical traditional enterprise, how to get into cross-border is an urgent problem for the government and the wood industry to develop cross-border e-commerce


Professional Passenger Elevator Professional Passenger Elevator


Professional Passenger Elevator

Ceiling; Stainless steel mirror base-plate is supplemented by rectangle hollow transparent light pole. The soft lighting design of arched white light-passing board is in the middle part (HD-DTA03)
Operating panel: Integrated operating panell (HD-C12)
Car wall: Stainless steel hairline on both sides, combination of stainless steel hairline and etched mirror at rear wall Car door: Hairline stainless steel
Flooring: PVC (FJ-B01)
Product Description

HENG DA FUJI ELEVATOR  / Fujihd elevator company



Contact number:+86-572-3061000

Inquiry phone:+86-13587250007

Company address:NO.688, Lianxi road, Nanxun, HuZhou city, Zhejiang Province, china.

Social media address:


Professional Passenger Elevator  introduce international Top Equipments and make “made in China” affect the world. Higher, faster experience,safer from the FUJIHD technology,committe to maintaining the safety of each elevator transport, and track the operation of each elevator.

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